Search Marketing Priorities for Limousine Companies

  • December 13, 2020
  • SEO
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use internet marketing to promote your limo businessThis is the newest article that helps different companies determine what type of Marketing they should be doing on the Internet. With so many different options out there it is important to know what areas you should focus on as a business owner. This month we are going to look at the priorities for Limousine and Limo Companies.

Priority List:

  • Local Listings/Google Maps – 10/10
  • Paid Search – 10/10
  • Organic SEO – 8/10
  • Social Media – 8/10
  • Website Quality – 7/10

Local Listings/Maps

With your business being mainly focused around customers that you can drive your product to (the limousine) it is imperative that people find you locally and not from hundreds of miles away. Therefore appearing in the local listings on site like Google should be a top priority. Making sure that you have a physical office location in a major city you want to serve is important. If you’re in the town next door it won’t have the same impact so when looking at a place to park your limos you may want to choose a location that is nearest to your customer base. Once you have that address you want to determine that it is correctly listed across many different directories on the Internet. By making sure your address, business name and phone number are streamlined across many different platforms it will help in how you rank locally on Search engines as well. You also want to make sure that you provide solid customer service so that you can accumulate good reviews which will also help you rank better locally.

Paid Search

The market for limousine rental can be fierce especially during high demand times like around Prom. This means that you have to be able to reach customers quickly with your marketing message as well as your sites existence. This is where Paid Search can be quite valuable. Not only can you turn ads on and off during different seasons but you can increase bids at different hours of the day. If your fleet of limousines are idling then you’ll want to increase your bids or push a different marketing message. If you are booked solid then you’ll want to pull those ads back. You can also put out different marketing messages depending on the time of year and offer specials as well. For a new limousine business this is a way to get business quickly as you won’t have to wait for your other long term marketing efforts to pay off like with Organic SEO, you will be able to gain new customers quickly via Paid Search.

Organic SEO

The Limousine industry is rife with competitors both new and established. Many of the more established limo companies are in the organic listings because they have been around for a while and acquired that status. If you are a newer company you’ll want to make sure that your website starts to acquire inbound links so that you can also be ranked organically. You’ll notice that at first your site might be nowhere to be found on these listings but over time with enough hard work you’ll start to appear next to more established companies. As an established company you’ll want to maintain your positions because 100% of Searchers use Organic listings and trust them more than paid search. You can keep ahead of new competitors by keeping your page content fresh and by continuing to accumulate links into your website. Organic Search is the key to a limo business being successful long term.

Social Media

Having a good presence on Social Media can help your company get in front of more eye balls on the Internet. With almost universal use of Social Media at this point it is important that people know that your limo business exists and creating pages on sites like Facebook help you establish that. During busy seasons like Prom it might be a good idea to run a campaign via Social Media to let people know about whatever promotions you are running since Social Media user skew a bit younger than overall Internet users. Having a presence on Social Media channels also shows Search Engines that you are a more trustworthy site and will help your overall Search Rankings as well.

Website Quality

In most cases Limo websites typically have a very similar look. With a fleet of limos and the city they serve highlighted in either a picture on in the content. Making sure that your website is up to date and the content is fresh is important. Most customers aren’t expecting a world class web design presentation and just want to get onto your website see what limos you have and what the prices are. Try not to complicate their pursuit of that information and make sure that you have your contact information displayed so that they can easily get in touch with you.  Making sure your site functions correctly is very important to your Marketing efforts.

A limousine company has unique challenges that make it stand out from other businesses. As a limo company owner you have a limited amount of limos and you want to be able to have them in service as often as possible. Internet Marketing allows you the flexibility to promote your company at different times depending on the availability of your fleet of limos. Using Paid Search intelligently along with a good local and organic presence can help you succeed as a business where others might fail.

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