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DroneHerald.com - All the latest breaking news on drones. Browse our database's complete collection of articles and commentary on drones. Projected started as a hobby which has noe evolved into a website with over 11505 posts.
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About The Herald

To build a website that is maintenance free & something that runs pretty much by it self with little to no adjustments. DroneHerald.com had its challenges from a unstable back end logic to feed ingestion into the MySQL database which lead to the complete database being wiped.

DroneHerald was then switched off. A few weeks went by, I believe around 8 - 10 weeks DroneHerald was then rebuild and reborn. Better stability, better back end logic, better feed injection. From then DroneHerald has been reading & storing all Drone Related feeds and posts. We have over 11K Posts to this date on the website database.

From A Hobby. To A Internet Sensation.

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