15 Best Digital Marketing Blogs Filled With Valuable Advice [2020]

  • December 13, 2020
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If you are searching for the top SEO and digital marketing blogs filled with the best advice then you have come to the right place.

Here, I am listing the top digital marketing blogs that are worth reading if you are a beginner or advanced marketer.

Let’s start!

15 Best Digital Marketing Blogs

1. SEMRush

Popularly known as the top digital marketing tools for industry, SEMRush has also marked its presence as the best industry blog provider.

It has left no stone unturned to cover every possible aspect of digital marketing.

From website optimization to content marketing, link building to brand management, and everything in between is covered at one single platform.

Some of the topics are even brand specific, like Amazon SEO.

Readers can grasp knowledge from various ways like blogs, news, opinion, case studies, tips, and more, all written by industry experts and specialists.

Interestingly, readers have a choice of six different languages as the site is multilingual.

People love SEMRush for fresh and valuable content on digital marketing.

2. SEO Sandwitch Blog

SEO Sandwitch is the best SEO blog for beginners.

It contains easy to read tutorials on almost every digital marketing topic that you can think of.

This blog is run by SEO expert Joydeep Bhattacharya who has been working on understanding search algorithms since 2009.

All the articles in the blog are written by Joydeep and they are worth reading.

Content is filled with practical examples that are hard to find on other blogs.

You will certainly find something new if you start reading this blog.

For SEO and digital marketing beginners, this blog is worth reading.

3. Buffer Blog

You need to keep up with the current social media marketing updates, especially when digital marketing is placing so much importance on social media.

Buffer blog is the best site to know everything going around social media.

It is a huge source of social media marketing content, along with online marketing and content marketing.

The content focuses on helping marketers build the brand through social media platforms using different techniques and proven methodologies.

Readers bookmark this site to get the latest updates on fresh branding techniques and ideas.

4. Search Engine Watch

Dedicated solely to search engines, the blog site is a pool of knowledge and information about the search engines.

Search Engine Watch offers all the insights relating to SEM, SEO, and paid search in the form of articles, analysis, news, and tips.

Apart from the content provided here, readers even get benefited from the informative comment section where visitors discuss the topic with the author.

Using such valuable content, site owners are succeeding in improving their online visibility.

Certainly, this site is the all-time favorite of marketers and site owners looking to rank up their site in the search results.

This site is mostly bookmarked to know about new SEM and SEO trends, and PPC marketing tips.

5. Google Webmaster Central Blog

What can be the better source to know the technicalities to index your site in Google than Google itself?

Google Webmaster Central blog is packed with its official news on topics related to crawling and indexing sites.

You will get a plethora of blogs here that will give you ideas to improve your strategies for better site ranking.

The blogs are highly technical in terms and intended to target the expert audience, so beginners may not find it easy to understand.

Needless to say, why marketers do not forget to check out this site every day.

6. MarketingProfs

If you are looking for a good source of how-to articles on the latest marketing tactics, tips, and strategies, MarketingProf is an appropriate site.

Huge stock of blogs on different topics has been covered for the best reader experience.

From ad copy to B2B marketing, branding to content marketing, you can find an array of blogs to learn about marketing and related aspects.

The content is focused entirely on sharing top marketing tips and strategies.

The site is updated with fresh content regularly, which means there is a great opportunity to grab knowledge and watch its practical use.

7. The Convince & Convert Blog

When your target is not just to soak up tips and ideas, but also to understand the core of the idea, look no further than Convince & Convert blog.

This blog specializes in content marketing and it excels in what it publishes.

It is a content marketing consultant and therefore they have genuine and practical knowledge to share.

It is a gold mine for those who want to learn more about social media, influencer marketing, word of mouth, and customer experience along with content marketing.

Every piece of content is a dose of insights marketers need to stay on the top.

Plus, if you subscribe to its newsletters you will get some fun surprises.

8. Top Rank Marketing

Top Rank is one of the leading digital marketing service providers, but it also serves as a fine source of data-driven marketing insights.

It covers selective topics like influencer marketing, content marketing, and search marketing, but, each topic is covered extensively.

What you get here is exclusive and offered by industry experts.

The publishers have the knack of boosting visibility, attract and retain customers, and attain search engine ranking.

Naturally, they are the best in providing industry trends and tips and tricks of the digital marketing industry.

Readers bookmark this site to learn more about Influencer, content, and search marketing.

9. Smart Insights Blog

More popular as a marketing tool provider, Smart Insights is also known for its extraordinary blog content.

You will find insights on various topics including marketing, optimization, advertising, etc.

Apart from these, readers can also learn more about Google Analytics and lead generation, insights shared by industry experts.

Its list of categories includes many untouched topics by several blog sites, such as you can even get tips on persuasion marketing, market place analysis, localization, etc.

This blog is often followed for the content blogs on interesting and highly needed topics.

10. Yoast

Yoast holds a specialty in blog posts on topics like Content SEO, Technical SEO, Analytics, eCommerce, and WordPress.

Both beginners and experts can have engaging and informative content to read.

While beginners can learn basics, experts can discover advanced tips to improve their SEO skills.

Using the cutting-edge strategies and guides on SEO and conversion, marketers can take advantage to rank their sites.

It gives additional benefits to its new visitors.

You get an option to download free plugins and new features.

Besides, new learners can enlighten themselves with a free beginner’s course.

11. BuzzSumo

Everything you want to know about content marketing, influencer marketing, digital PR, and video marketing, you will find at BuzzSumo.

It provides unique, informative, and practically useful blogs one after another that any inquisitive readers would look for.

If you are looking to create viral content, BuzzSumo is the right destination to reach.

Using top experts’ tactics and plans, you can turn ordinary content into a viral one.

Readers love to check out new ideas on viral content creation.

12. Unbounce

Unbounce is given the credit of being an expert in providing the industry best conversion rate optimization tips.

It helps build an effective and lead generating landing page using its insight on landing page optimization.

So, this is heaven for marketers looking to attract some traffic on their site.

Also, it offers news and some excellent articles on pay per click and online marketing.

Unbounce is an exceptional blog to learn the core ideas behind a successful landing page creation.

13. Think with Google

For expertise in marketing, you need to know the advanced level marketing strategies.

Think with Google, helps you get the industry-standard expert category tips and ideas to attain the level you wish.

You can read a lot about programmatic advertising, omnichannel, and measurement.

It is packed with high standard marketing topics like consumer insights, original research, and data visualizations.

So, you can dig into new insights and learn about how branding techniques.

14. Social Media Examiner

As its name reflects, Social Media Examiner has a niche in social media marketing.

It is the best blog to look for social media insights.

You can find almost everything you need to know about the marketing curves in social media like how-to articles, weekly news, expert interviews, tools, and research.

Video tutorials on Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram Organic marketing, and Tiktok, are also available.

It also produces a 10-minute daily podcast on marketing tips for using social media.

Overall, it curates content that is of exceptionally good value.

Marketers loving this blog for its high-value posts contributed regularly.

15. Social Media Today

Again, another extraordinary blog for social media marketers to follow.

It writes about every development noticed in the social media industry.

You can get content to read about any possible topic on social media marketing posted by a massive network of regular contributors.

With a huge number of blogs on news and tips, it is an impressive library of social media marketing content to learn the art of taking maximum advantage of the available platforms.

It is a great source to stay updated with the algorithm, latest features, and releases in social media, which is very useful to plan a strategy.

Besides, it offers many ways to implement your strategy more effectively.

Tips by top social media specialists, social media marketing tools, and opinion articles from expert marketers, are a few examples.

The Bottom Line

Now, when you have all the required lists of the digital marketing blogs, you can pick those that go well with your interests.

You can bookmark these digital marketing blogs, or you can also subscribe to email updates so that you never miss a chance to soak up anything they have to offer.

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